SunPower E20 327W Panel

The SunPower E20 Solar Panel is a proven high-efficiency marine solar panel. Energy yield per available space and available light is always important, but it is especially important for marine solar power where vessel space is always limited and the sun spends a lot of time in other than laboratory conditions, i.e. not directly overhead in a clear sky! SunPower's "Maxeon" monocrystalline photovoltaic cells and other unique module features deliver market leading 20.4% conversion efficiency, meaning more marine solar power per precious limited space. Then further, not only do the SunPower E20 solar panels offer high efficiency as tested in independent laboratories, they also produce the greatest output in low or limited light. The SunPower E20 is a market leader in Temperature Coefficient Power (measuring power loss in high temperatures) and other 'real world' (non-laboratory) condition tests. On any measure, the SunPower E20 Marine Solar Panel is a clear market leader. For its 327W Rated Output, the SunPower E20 marine solar panel 'footprint' is only 1045mm x 1559mm. Every SunPower E20 marine solar panel installation will be individually and professionally assessed for appropriate supporting electrical hardware, connectors, racking, and installation. Orders for <22 panels attract a Non-pallet Fee of $55+GST per order, e.g. $13.75+GST per panel for a 4-panel order or $18.33+GST for a 3-panel order etc. NB CONTACT US AT floatingimpressions@bigpond.com...ORDERS REQUIRE INDIVIDUAL FREIGHT (& non-pallet fee as above) CALCULATIONS...& we will be happy to discuss a SunPower E20 solar panel solution to suit you, whether on land or at sea.

SunPower E20 Data Sheet

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