Silver Bullet Ballpen

The MJB Silver Bullet Ballpen combines a fine hand-crafted writing instrument with distinctive appearance that will suit many. The craftsman skillfully combined Red Cedar timber with a highly polished chrome-plated cartridge and copper 'bullet' and then added a superior rifle clasp, all around a high-quality, replaceable writing instrument core with a tungsten carbide ball tip. Red Cedar (referred to as "Red Gold" by Australian settlers) is one of Australia's few native deciduous trees and its red timber is highly valued for furniture, wood panelling and construction, including shipbuilding. Early demand lead to aggressive cutting to the point where red cedar became commercially extinct, but fortunately its fast growth suited managed forestry which now provides trees for the premium timber trade. The MJB Silver Bullet Ballpen comes in a quality spring-open and snap-shut case for protection and storage, ensuring that it will be proudly displayed, enjoyed in its use, and cherished for life by its owner.


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