Shuttle Chef 6000W

***'BOATIQUE' SHOW SPECIAL [Expires 12 Jul] FREE (1) 'Freedom With Flavour' Cookbook, (2) Carry Bag & (3) Cutting Board...$90 EXTRA VALUE!*** The Thermos Shuttle Chef 6000W is the ideal cooking set for the cruising, fishing, caravanning, camping lifestyle. With a bare minimum of power consumption -- Foods typically require only initial heating and then slow cooking inside the thermal unit -- and the ability to prepare foods whenever it's convenient (or when the weather suits!) an incredible array of foods can be hot (or cold!) and ready-to-eat whenever you are. Thermal cooking was developed years ago for rail travel so it is now a well tested and proven process with literally thousands of delicious recipes available...breads and cakes, curries, stews, pastas and much more...all simply prepared and perfectly cooked. The Shuttle Chef 6000W includes the bronze 6litre Shuttle Chef, two 3litre inner multi-layered stainless steel saucepans, Recipe Book and DVD. The saucepans are quality made with carbon steel plate sandwiched into heavy stainless steel base and designed for high lateral heat conductivity, resulting in heating from all directions as well as maximum heat retention. The saucepans are also suitable for cooking on induction elements. The Shuttle Chef is 26 cm wide across the handles and is 30 cm high with a patented vacuum chamber between two walls of stainless steel ensuring the very best insulation available...and Thermos guarantee that will provide the hottest hot and the coldest cold for the longest period. With its ability to prepare two foods at once (in each saucepan), the Shuttle Chef 6000W is the perfect addition to any galley whether your cooking at home, cruising in a caravan or boat.

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