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The Mojo Creations Seahorse is a magnificent, 26 x 15 x 2cms stainless steel sculpture from Jo Wooler. The Mojo Creations Seahorse sculpture is a piece of absolutely unique art that reflects one of the many wonders of our oceans. Inspired by her life on the sea and the creatures within, Sydney born designer/artist Jo Wooler has been designing and creating unique marine sculptures since 2002. Her world-renown dynamic creations provide art collectors, interior designers, architects and developers stunning wall mounted, suspended and free standing sculptures. By using 316 marine grade stainless steel with a minimum chromium content of 17% and a minimum nickel content of 7% this ensures your artwork will resist atmospheric corrosion indefinitely. Designing and creating signature pieces exclusive to clients wants and needs is Jo Wooler's specialty, providing clients with an exclusively original investment to last many lifetimes.
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