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E20 Panel & Controller

The SunPower E20 Marine Solar panel and the Outback FLEXmax 60amp MPPT Controller is the perfect 'basic' combination to provide reliable and useful marine solar power. The SunPower E20 Marine Solar Panel is one of the highest efficiency solar panels on the market today, exceeded only by SunPower X series panels. SunPower's own-designed "Maxeon" monocrystalline photovoltaic cells and other unique module features deliver both market leading 20.1% conversion efficiency as well as the best output in low light conditions, meaning more power per precious limited space and more power in limited light. For its 327W Rated Output, the SunPower E20 panel 'footprint' is only 1045mm x 1559mm. The FLEXmax 60 MPPT Controller is the latest innovation in charge controllers. The FLEXmax60 can operate in high temperatures and with 145VDC PV VOC which makes it ideal for SunPower's hi-output marine solar panels...and its continuous and active algorithm increases energy yield over conventional controllers by up to 30% With a FLEXmax60 MPPT controlling your SunPower E20 marine solar panel output, your vessel's energy needs will enjoy the best efficiency available, in any conditions...and you'll enjoy the blissful silence! Every SunPower E20 marine solar panel installation will be individually and professionally assessed for appropriate supporting electrical hardware, connectors, racking, and installation. Contact us at floatingimpressions@bigpond.com to discuss a SunPower E20 solar panel solution to suit you, whether on land or at sea.

Introducing SunPower E20

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