Osage Orange Pen

This MJB Woodwork Osage Orange Pen is a unique instrument, hand crafted for lasting beauty and writing pleasure. A gleaming high gloss finish was achieved by applying Cyanoacrylate over 20 times to create a layer that emphasizes and highlights the features of the wood whilst also giving the instrument a long-lasting finish. Osage orange trees grow 12–18m high with a short trunk and round-topped head. The heavy, close-grained and very dense wood is prized for tool handles, tree nails, fence posts, electrical insulators, and other applications requiring a strong dimensionally stable wood that withstands rot. With its bright orange yellow colour and suitability to fine polish, Osage orange is a perfect timber for creating a beautiful writing instrument...and the Osage Orange Pen will make the perfect gift for your hard-to-please Captain or Admiral!


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