ODYSSEY Kaftan Top

COLIN HEANEY ODYSSEY SILK KAFTAN TOP. Colin Heaney ODYSSEY silk Kaftan top in luxurious satin finish pure silk. Through clear blue seas below star filled skies, Colin Heaney Odyssey inspires the freedom of boats that take you on that mystery voyage to far away lands. Fresh and light, the delightful blues and golds are uplifting. Immerse yourself in Colin Heaneys Odyssey silk kaftan top, one of Colin Heaneys stunning pieces of art to wear. Come EXPLORE your SENSES, DREAM your JOURNEY and DISCOVER your SELF. Colin Heaney knows the Art of Luxury and the Luxury of Art. Colin uses images of his world-renowned glass art and digitally transforms them to create unique silk kaftan designs in these luxurious collections. One Size Fits Most. "ONE ONLY IN STOCK". Free shipping within Australia.


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