E20 Duo & MPPT Controller

We call this the 'CatNirvana SunPack' because it is the same marine solar power setup that we used...and enjoyed SOOO much...on CatNirvana. Two Sunpower E20 marine solar panels provide 654W rated output and renown SunPower efficiency under even difficult conditions; all that power is then complemented by the latest innovation in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers from OutBack Power. The innovative FLEXmax 60amp MPPT software algorithm is both continuous and active, increasing photovoltaic array power yield up to 30% compared to non-MPPT controllers. The CatNirvana SunPack is the perfect answer to your vessel's search for plentiful and effortless marine solar power! The two SunPower E20 marine solar panels require a 'footprint' of only 1045mm x 3200mm. Every SunPower E20 marine solar panel installation will be individually and professionally assessed for appropriate supporting electrical hardware, connectors, racking, and installation. Contact us to discuss a SunPower E20 solar panel solution to suit you, whether on land or at sea. Prices does not include shipping which can be priced to deliver to your location.


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