BAT Mask Snorkel & Fin Set

The BAT Mask Snorkel & Fin Set combines Ocean Pro's best for both serious underwater exploration and extended underwater fun. The BATMSF features the BAT tear drop design lens mask with 100% liquid silicone skirt and strap to give long-wearing comfort and an unsurpassed field of vision to enjoy many hours of underwater fun and beauty. The Oasis snorkel is pre-bent with a spalsh top to prevent water entry and a replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece with a purge value for easy cleaning. The BATMSF is made complete by stylish Heron open heel fins with padded heel straps giving fitting comfort and flexibility and slotted blades to disperse water and enhance power and performance. The set comes in blister pack. The BATMSF is available in Medium (4.5-8.5) and Large (9-13) sizes...and three colours, Blue, Seamist & Transparent Red.

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