Lignum Vitae Pen

This MJB Woodwork Lignum Vitae Pen is a unique instrument, hand crafted for lasting beauty and writing pleasure. A wax and polish is carefully applied to keep the natural feel of the wood whilst protecting it from the elements, giving the writing instrument a matt finish. Once in heavy demand for its extraordinary combination of strength, toughness and density, Lignum Vitae was considered the best material available for many industrial and marine uses, well renown for its essential presence in stern tubes. Even its resin was used to treat a variety of medical conditions from coughs to arthritis, and Lignum Vitae chips were used to brew tea! Although industrial demand is now reduced by modern polymers and composite materials (thankfully, as the species was considered potentially endangered) Lignum Vitae remains as a beautiful example of a genuine hardwood that is perfect for a fine writing instrument. With its proud ship's wheel on the clasp, the Lignum Vitae Pen will be a gift of enduring beauty.


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