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Dreams tempt us to faraway place...and enticing surroundings will prompt new discoveries, wherever your explorations may lead. Floating Impressions offers you marine-inspired personal pleasures and treasure...furnishings, colour impacts, apparel, jewelry, sophisticated communications and entertainment equipment, cooking enhancements, and many other personal cruising comforts. Our inspirations arise from dreaming and exploring aboard CatNirvana, our exquisite 'blue water' floating gallery. We invite you to EXPLORE your senses, DREAM your journey and DISCOVER yourself.
Shuttle Chef 6000 Combo

Shuttle Chef 6000 Combo


The Thermos Shuttle Chef 6000 Combo is the complete set for thermal cooking to add to your cruising, fishing, caravanning, road travelling enjoyment. The 6000 Combo includes 6 litre bronze shuttle chef, two 3 litre heavy based saucepans, a 6 litre heavy based saucepan, Recipe Book and DVD. All the saucepans are designed to sit inside the Shuttle Chef, thus allowing you to cover all of your thermal cooking needs, and are also suitable for cooking on induction elements. The Shuttle Chef is quality made with a patented vacuum chamber between two walls of stainless steel ensuring the very best insulation available, so much so that Thermos guarantee that it will provide the hottest hot and the coldest cold for the longest period. With the Shuttle Chef 6000 Combo on board, you will enjoy the full range of delicious (and energy-efficient!) thermal-cooked recipes and you will also not need to carry any additional conventional saucepans, leaving more room for storage of other items (like extra bottles of wine!?) for your cruising, fishing, caravanning & road travel pleasure.