Huon Pine Pen Set

This MJB Woodwork Huon Pine Pen Set are each unique instruments, hand crafted for lasting beauty and writing pleasure. A wax and polish is carefully applied to keep the natural feel of the wood whilst protecting them from the elements, giving the writing instruments a matt finish. Native to the wet southwestern corner of Tasmania and known as Huon pine or Macquarie pine -- It is actually not a true pine -- Lagarostrobos Franklinii is a slow growing, but long-lived tree that grows 10-30 m tall with arching branches. Some living Huon Pine specimens are in excess of 2000 years old. Huon Pine is highly prized for its golden yellow colour, fine grain and natural oils that resist rotting. The Huon Pine Pen Set includes two pens, one in the substantial, European style and the other in the elegant, slimline design. The Set makes the perfect gift for one special person, or a couple.


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