To complete and complement your marine solar panel power setup, you will need a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller. The Outback FLEXmax series are the best available MPPT charge controllers. The FLEXmax increases energy yield over conventional controllers by up to 30% thanks to its innovative continuous and active algorithm. With enhanced cooling, the FLEXmax 60 can operate at its full 60 amp current rating in ambient temperatures as high as 40°C. The 145VDC PV Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) makes the FLEXmax 60 ideal for SunPower's hi-output solar panels. Made in the USA by OutBack Power, the FLEXmax 60 includes all the features first developed by OutBack Power, such as support for a wide range of nominal battery voltages and the ability to step-down a high voltage solar array to recharge a low voltage battery and, very importantly by comparison to other controllers, constant charging during all tracking functions. A built-in backlit display shows status information, including 128 days data logging, at the touch of a button. With a FLEXmax 60 controlling your marine solar panel output, your energy needs will be well looked after in blissful silence...and with a $1025RRP, this unit is very well priced through Floating Impressions!

Flexmax MPPT Spec Sheet

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