English Oak Pen

This MJB Woodwork English Oak Pen is a unique instrument, hand crafted for lasting beauty and writing pleasure. A wax and polish is carefully applied to keep the natural feel of the wood whilst protecting it from the elements, giving the writing instrument a matt finish. English Oak is common in south-eastern Australia, noted for its vigorous, luxuriant growth, growing quickly to a tree of 20m tall by up to 20m broad, with a low-branching canopy. In some cultures, oaks are revered as sacred with the belief that sacred tree destruction can not go unpunished...and folk traditions tell of numerous cases when sacred trees’ burners or branch breakers became ill and died, or became blind, or even went mad. Expressions like "Strong like an oak" are attributed to these cultural reverences. With its proud ship's wheel on the clasp, the English Oak Pen will be a gift of both beauty and cultural strength.


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