Easy Sprouter Set

The Sproutamo Easy Sprouter Set offers simple-to-make fresh and healthy sprouts whenever and wherever you like. The EZSproutSet is made of light weight but durable food grade HDPE plastic and includes everything you need (apart from seeds, which are readily available in health and food stores) in a great value package. An Alfalfa Insert reduces drainage for tiny seeds. An Inner Container in which the seeds will sprout combines with the Outer Container to maintain humidified airflow when covered with the choice of the Vented Lid or the Dome; the latter can also measure sprouts. A Solid Lid provides a tighter seal when airflow isn't needed or wanted. An EZ-Guide is included with simple step-by-step instructions that even the skipper can follow! The Easy Sprout Set ensures that, even when at sea or hiding in some beautiful and remote anchorage, you will never be without fresh and healthy sprouts.


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