Compact Dehumidifier

The Marine Compact Dehumidifier is a terrific way to both add to your comfort while cruising, and also protect your treasures from the ever-present risks of moisture damage. The Compact is quality made by AusClimate to the highest Australian standards including CFC-free refrigerant, quiet operation and low energy consumption (180W) with a 2 year domestic replacement warranty. The unit is compact (32cm x 26cm x 44cm) and portable with an easy carry handle. Operating is simple with an 'easy-click' in-and-out water tank and automatic moisture level controls that switch the unit 'on' when the air moisture is up, and then 'off' when the moisture is down or the tank is full. A continuous drainage outlet for an optional hose -- The 12-13mm hose can be purchased separately -- to any nearby drain allows set-and-forget operation, perfect for looking after your cruiser during those (hopefully few!) times when you're not there. The Compact is very much a small size - BIG POWER story...and it represents a sound investment toward greater personal comfort as well as reliable protection from moisture damage. BOATIQUE SPECIAL includes Free 1 metre drainage hose plus Digital Climate Gauge. SAVE $88.00 ... Price also includes FREE AUSTRALIA-WIDE SHIPPING.

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