CatNirvana and Crew

CatNirvana was launched at Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, FRANCE on 27 April 2010. That day is now celebrated by CatNiravana's Crew as her birthday although, like all truly beautiful ladies, she is modest and even a little shy about her birth date.

After a short spell with her original owner, CatNirvana was re-born (or at least re-named) as she entered the Australian Register of Ships. The old seafarer’s reluctance to change a ship’s name had to be overcome as her original name (Nirvana) already appeared on the Australian Register and two ships of the same name was not permitted. Nirvana 6 (or VI) was the first available name in that line, but she was just too fine a vessel and needed a name of her own. So the Admiral conceived CatNirvana...and all agreed it sounded perfect!

SV CatNirvana, Australian Registration Number 859760, then embarked Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, ITALY on 17 February 2011, on an epic sea voyage bound for Australia and, ultimately, her home port of Yamba, NSW. The voyage crew consisted of Don Church (then her Captain) and two professional delivery crew from Atlantic Yacht Deliveries. Although a much shorter passage was available, via the Suez Canal, the shorter route was rejected due to the high risk of piracy around the Middle East. So the planned voyage would be nearly 14,000 nautical miles, via the Panama Canal, and it would involve crossing most of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. CatNirvana’s Admiral, Di Clarke, joined the voyage at St Maarten in the Dutch West Indies and then sailed across the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal before flying back to Australia from Panama City. CatNirvana ultimately entered Australia through Sydney Heads on 13 June 2011.

Long before CatNirvana was entered into the Australian Register of Ships, however, and even long before she was launched or even started at the CNB Factory in France, her Admiral and her Captain were hard at work on plans that would ultimately see CatNirvana as a ‘floating gallery’ leading Floating Impressions. The dream of the business that would become Floating Impressions probably began when the Admiral and the Captain first went sailing together; they then realised both how much they enjoyed the cruising experience and the wide appeal of the cruising lifestyle to others. Perhaps it was as far back as 2005 or even earlier, but somewhere the dream started...and then it just continued to evolve!

SV CatNirvana and her Crew have cruised the Australian coastline bringing exhibitions to selected venues and introducing the Floating Impressions range of marine-inspired products, all suited to making the cruising lifestyle (whether at land or at sea!) more comfortable and enjoyable. Importantly too, Floating Impressions’ customers are further comforted knowing that all of the products sold have already been used, tested and proven to add to the enjoyment of life on CatNirvana...and knowing too that Floating Impressions is also committed to putting something back in each of the communities where we exhibit by way of contributions to local marine rescue organisations.

So the Crew of CatNirvana now invite you to Explore, Dream & Discover your own cruising pleasures with Floating Impressions range of quality products.