Cabbage Tree Pen

This MJB Woodwork Cabbage Tree Pen is a unique instrument, hand crafted for lasting beauty and writing pleasure. A wax and polish is carefully applied to keep the natural feel of the wood whilst protecting it from the elements, giving the writing instrument a matt finish. The cabbage tree is often found in NZ where it grows up to 20 metres tall with a straight trunk topped by dense, rounded heads of sword-like leaves. Also cultivated in Northern Hemisphere countries with mild maritime climates, including the warmer parts of Britain where its common name is Torquay Palm, the hardy, fast-growing cabbage tree is renown for durable fibre for textiles, anchor ropes, fishing lines, baskets, and waterproof rain capes and cloaks. So the MJB cabbage tree pen will be beautifully and reliably at home near the sea or wherever your discoveries may lead.


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