BladeFish 3000

The Bladefish 3000 under water scooter is a dive propulsion vehicle (DPV) that offers 18V underwater power in a value package. Whether you're scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming or playing in the pool, the BladeFish BF3000 underwater scooter will add to your fun. With its vivid flame-orange finish and soft grip handles, the BladeFish BF3000 underwater scooter looks and feels at home in the water. Its 40mins (max) running time (and a fast AC charger to be ready again when you are!) mean you will be enjoying the latest in DPV technology. Like all Bladefish Under water scooter models, the BF3000 underwater scooter comes with double-sealed rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, computer controlled circuitry, a battery life meter, a black draw-string storage bag...and it's lightweight (near neutral bouyancy) and compact, fitting conveniently inside a suitcase or backpack. The BladeFish BF3000 underwater scooter is an affordable Under water scooter for every situation, from serious diving to casual water fun. This particular BladeFish underwater scooter has an outside package which is slightly damaged, the unit itself is brand new & comes with a full Manufacturer warranty. Priced to sell! Battery - 18V Li-ion. Power - 175W. Max RPM - 500. Max Speed - 4.25km/h. No. of speeds - 1. Run Time - 20-40mins. Charger .. Fast Depth Rating - 30m.


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