Colin Heaney Grace cushion covers and ENJOY Crushed Lavender Flameless Pillar Candles. Adorn your space with the opulence of Colin Heaney Grace Cushion Covers and ENJOY Flameless Candles. Transform your space whether at land or sea with the Colin Heaney Grace Cushion & Candle Collection. This opulent Cushion & Candle Boatie Bundle includes: 1 Large Square 60cm x 60cm Grace Cover, 2 Small Square 45cm x 45cm Grace Covers and 1 each of the 7.8 x 10cm and 7.8 x 15.2cm Platinum Crushed Lavender ENJOY Flameless Candles. Create your own stunning Cushion & Candle Boatie Bundle and SAVE. Email your choices to floatingimpressions@bigpond.com to receive your Cushion & Candle Boatie Bundle Discount.


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